Since 2014, we have led an effort to help impact the athletic community by providing a deeper level of engagement between athletes and coaches through analytics. 

myPerforma is the world's first composite sports index that shares your unique performance signature - character, identity and culture. We communicate the resumes of athletes, coaches and teams. 

We help those in the athletic community connect, discover and engage deeper through routine performance metrics and analytics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide feedback and facilitate communication through meaningful conversations to improve performance and development of athletes and coaches.

Connect better. Discover more. Engage deeper.



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myPerforma allows you to get into the minds of your players after games, and gives them the opportunity to self-evaluate.
— Aaron Clark, LHS - Teacher, Basketball and Softball Coach
With myPerforma, I was able to make adjustments for the teams and talk with individual players one on one who otherwise never would’ve spoken up.
— Lucas Duckett, Boys Basketball Director at Premier Basketball Club
The Key Performance Indicator Index by myPerforma has been pivotal in measuring the heartbeat of my team and my program.
— Ben Matthewson, Head Coach at Loveland High School
myPerforma helps create a better feedback loop for athletes and coaches.
— Mychal Martinez, Pure Sweat Trainer & Founder of Reel Prospects

Our Journey To Now