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Improving sports preparation and development.


Performa is the world's first composite sports index that communicates a unique performance signature intelligence quality (IQ) and emotional quality (EQ) by communicating performance character, identity and culture. We build the resumes of athletes, coaches and teams.



We index individuals and teams across all major sports in countries across the globe at every level of play. We help those in the athletic community to connect, discover and engage better through performance metrics and analytics.

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Open Positions



First and foremost, you have to be independent and hard working. You'll be a Director of Sales. Your job is to oversee regional sales development executives, communicate development needs, craft marketing strategy and executing campaigns.


  • Must have previous sales experience
  • Must have experience with CRM database software
  • Must be social media savvy
  • Must enjoy collaborating with a team 

UI/UX Designer

The UI/UX Developer is part designer and part developer; you must have creative skills and know html. Your job is to improve the website experience for users and visitors to myPerforma. The Front-End Developer / UX Designer will bridge the gap between design and technical implementation.


  • Genuine interest in building UI that is attractive, very easy to use and highly responsive
  • Proven ability and desire to learn new technologies, ensuring a quick ramp up on our current technology stack Proficiency in at least one web programming language
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Ajax, JSON, and XML
  • Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures, databases, security and other core concepts

Business Development

Your job is to reach out directly to coaches and directors with teams or organizations that provide sports programs for youth, within the 17 sports that we provide indexes for. You are the Performa plug! You will be a local analyst rep for Performa in your community.  


  • Must have previous playing/coaching experience with the sport
  • Must be a natural "people person" and enjoy conversation
  • Must have experience with CRM database software

Jr. Developer


This job would start as an internship with the potential to grow into employment. Interns will be responsible for developing new features in the application according to specifications, helping find bugs and maintain the server infrastructure, and will gain experience in full-stack development with a product in a live user environment. Some prior experience with version control and programming is desired, especially in a web app setting.


  • MariaDB and MySQL based databases
  • Javascript user interface libraries (Bootstrap, JQuery)
  • Laravel application framework (PHP, JS)
  • Experience with version control (Git)
  • Linux-based Servers

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