The Performa KPI Index

Key Performance Indicators display trends and tendencies


Performance Vital SigN


Quality ratings, on a scale of seven (7) let athletes assess key performance areas that frames perspective and measures perception, post-game or competition.


Overall Performance

Overall Performance

Mental Psych

Mental Psych

Physical Psych

Physical Psych

Performance Objectives

Performance Goals

The Pulse of Performance

Ratings charted game-to-game communicate vital sign rhythms

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Strengths & Areas to Improve (AIMs)

Traits & Skills characterize performance from perception

Character Qualities


Fundamental Abilities


Selections may vary sport to sport.

Attitude – positive or negative way of thinking that is reflected in behavior

Communication – good or bad means of communicating with those on the team

Decision-making – the way in which one executes on strategy or determining course of action

Effort/Intensity – vigorous or lack of determined attempt; amount of potency or lack thereof

Focused/Sharp – level of particular attention or lack thereof; attention to detail

Hustle/Aggressive – to obtain by forceful action; busy movement and activity

Positive Mindset - a particular mental attitude in which there is an expectation of good and favorable results

Confidence – the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust

Efficiency – the ratio of useful, effective work performed to the total energy expended

Team Spirit/Morale – added positive feelings of camaraderie among the team; added confidence and enthusiasm

Poise – conduct that exudes grace, balance or control



Selections differ, sport to sport.

 Basketball Skill selections illustrated above.

Basketball Skill selections illustrated above.

 Basketball Skill Strengths & AIMs illustrated above.

Basketball Skill Strengths & AIMs illustrated above.

HindSight Notes

A personal reflection section for athletes called Hindsight Notes can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Personal Focus, to review about self for self

  • Venting, to decompress and let out frustration from competition

  • Performance Prep Log, to record specifics about what happened to prepare for next time.

Individual & Team Reporting

Game to game reporting, display aggregate responses of the team. Athletes see only their own responses. 

Game-to-game Reporting
Game-to-game Reporting