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A game-to-game performance review tool for coaching use with athletes. 

A performance index developed from athlete-reported KPIs post competition.

A performance index developed from athlete-reported KPIs post competition.


With Performa, athletes & coaches employ the first game-to-game performance review index that facilitates feedback, communication and creates a unique signature profile.

How It Works

1. Compete

In a game, meet or match. Practice KPI coming soon!


2. Report

Athletes knock out KPIs after the final buzzer, bell or whistle.


3. Review & Reshape

Improve what you track. Grow what you measure.


A performance review tool that facilitates feedback and communication.

Performa Game & Competition KPI

With use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) athletes self-report a competition assessment of basic vital sign ratings, best trait and area to improve, best skills and areas to improve. Strengths & areas to improve (aka weaknesses) for traits and skills are used to show dominate performance depth perception which are illustrated through visual displays called the Performa Index. The Performa Index allows athletes to record how they performed through routine self-evaluation and enables coaches with a system to review and monitor performance with every athlete on the team - after every competition.

Game-to-game Review Metrics

Performance Vital Signs - Rating & Rhythm

Vital sign ratings to measure and monitor a performance rhythm for individuals and teams.


Performance Traits & Skills - Strengths & AIMs

Index graphing displays communicate signature behavior and gauge performance IQ and EQ.


Performance Journal - Hindsight Notes

This is your game log. It allows athletes to speak freely to their coaches and team accountably.


The Performa INDEX

Athletic Performance With a Slight Edge

You improve what you track and get better at what you measure. Performa's sports performance index communicates the unique attitude, confidence, mindset and percieved dominant qualities in competition of teams or individuals. Athletes and coaches who use Performa gain a slight edge in training both mental and physical aspects necessary to compete.

The Performa[nce] Index communicates your unique competitive signature.


Radar Charting


Bar Charting


Vitals Charting


The Key Performance Index (KPI) presented by Performa has been pivotal in measuring the hearbeat of my team and my program.
— Ben Matthewson, Head Coach at Loveland High School
With Performa, I was able to make adjustments for the teams and talk with individual players one on one who otherwise never would’ve spoken up.
— Luke Duckett, Director at Premier Basketball Club
Performa helps create a better feedback loop for athletes and coaches.
— Mychal Martinez, Trainer & Founder of Reel Prospects
Performa allows you to get into the minds of your players after games, and gives them the opportunity to self-evaluate.
— Aaron Clark, LHS - Teacher, Basketball and Softball Coach