App Installation Guide

Creating App Shortcut on Phone or Mobile

From a phone, tablet or mobile device that has internet access,

Open Google Chrome web browser [for android] or Safari for iOS,

Go to the myPerforma website at,

For Chrome web browser…

Tap or click the Menu icon from the Chrome Browser (3 vertical lines)

Select Add to Home Screen

Rename the shortcut to “myPerforma”

For Safari…

Tap the Share button (square with up arrow),

Scroll left and select “Add to Home”

Rename the shortcut to “myPerforma”

Now you can access the application through the myPerforma app icon on your Home screen.

Click Login,

Enter your login email and password,

Check “Remember Me” to save your login credentials.

Account Setup

You must REGISTER before you LOGIN!

Login to your account.

From the MENU (3 lines icon) select TEAMS,

Tap/Click “New Team/Subscribe’ button at the bottom right,

Enter the Team Name,

Select the “SPORT”,

Tap/Click “Create” button.

Choose the subscription package, either annual ($280) or monthly ($70),

Complete payment information.

Once you have subscribed, you can now add coaches and athletes to your Rosterlink.


Adding Team Members (RosterLink)

All Users must HAVE Registered aCCOUnt with Email & PAssWord

To add a coach or player to the Rosterlink

  • Click/Tap “ADD PLAYER”

  • Select the Role

  • Enter Email

  • Enter First Name

  • Enter Last Name

  • Enter Position (example - Coach, Player)

  • Click/Tap “CREATE”

  • Repeat for each player or coach


Adding Games (CalendarLink)

Creating a Game creates the KPI for players to complete

To add a game to the Calendarlink

  • Click/Tap “ADD GAME”

  • Name the game - We recommend numbering games in this section (i.e. — Game 1, Game 2, Game 3)

  • Add the opponent

  • Click/Tap “CREATE”

  • Add the Final Result score after the game is completed.