What is Performa?

Performa is an athletic review tool used to facilitate feedback and communication between athlete and coach; designed to track, follow, and monitor athletic careers within sports.

Our definition of Performa (pronounced per-form-muh), is defined as quality information pertaining to sports performance and sports participation for an athlete or coach. It includes but is not limited to self-reported assessments, athletic evaluations, married with statistics, score totals, timing records, and media such as pictures, audio and video.

Who should use Performa?

Every athlete and coach should use Performa.

Why should I use Performa?

Performa enables athletes and coaches with a system of review to share performance information (including score book and stat information), gives athletes direct access to that information, and a way connect with their career history.

Connect, share and compare information with other fellow athletes and coaches.

What does Performa do?

Performa keeps electronic sports records (ESR), including score book and stat information, in a cloud and links the recorded information to individual user accounts for coaches and athletes. Performa is designed to show history and give insights to help develop better athletes and enhance coaching.

What is the significance of Performa?

Privacy. Performa allows users to store performance evaluations and career information privately and share it that information with the people you choose.

What army preparing for battle ever said, “We want to tell our enemy what our secret weapons are!”? Exactly! No army! Why should your stats be any different? Performa provides coaches with a place to store and attach stats and other performance information to their athletes on a private network that allows everyone on the team to monitor and view those records.

Who can see my information?

Users have the option to keep certain information private from all other user including those they are connected to. Users can choose to have their profiles be listed within the public directory or remain private and left unsearchable.

How does Performa work?

Performa is a networked system of recording, reporting, and linking electronic sports records. Once a user account has been setup, athletes and coaches can record and monitor performance and career history information anytime.

Performa is designed to link to and automatically update profiles with career stats, wins-losses, team history, and other information for athletes and coaches. Edits to this information cannot be made from any user account and must be done so through the team administrator. Users can edit any information they enter to display on their profile.