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Coach Account Setup

Register your name and email. Complete a rosterlink verification to connect to your team. Once you recieve a confirmation email, sign in. From mobile devices, save an icon to your home screen on a phone or tablet from the sign in page for easy access.

Step 1


Click the button below to register a new coach account.

Step 2


Using the email you registered, click the button below for verification.

Step 3

Sign In

Once your rosterlink has been connected, click the button below to sign in.


Follow Steps 4-6 After Sign In…


Step 4

Create Roster

Add team members, both players and coaches. New users must register a account with email and password.

Step 5

Add a Game

One at a time or input your schedule all at once. Adding a game creates the standard KPI for your athletes to complete.

Step 6


Your game or competition is the test. The KPI is your post-game review tool. Use it routinely to track your players.

Step 7

Review The GamE Report

Remind the team to “Knock out their KPIs”. Read and digest the KPIs your athletes submit after each game. Read and analyze your team index. Coach your team!

Features Overview

With myPerforma, coaches monitor and assess performance vital signs and other insights from routine post-game reviews called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to develop a index that commuicates character, culture and identity.


Use your myPerforma index profile with each sport you coach and connect your index to any school, club or organization.


Manage, monitor and analyze your team dashboard before and after competition through game-to-game reporting.

Team Index


The game KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Index is your game-to-game assessment review tool that tracks growth.

Coming Soon!

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