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Performance Review WebApp

Player-reported performance review (KPIs) provide coaches with immediate post-game feedback. myPerforma aligns athletes, coaches and teams by tracking individual and team performance accountability information.

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Tracking Efforts Aimed At Results

A universal sports practice & System That provides Consistent feedback For Improvements


Our Mission

Provide and track multi-sport Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to…

- Improve athlete, coach and team preparation & development (growth);

- Improve feedback & communication (dialogue)

- Showcase individual & team character, culture and identity (signature);

- Improve the connection that follows performance between athletic teams and community (network).

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Our Impact

Teams using myPerforma develop a valuable feedback loop from tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) game-to-game. Monitor progress and improve accountability in your sports organization, down to the individual. Discover sport character, culture and identity (signature) using KPIs. Develop a routine, reflective evaluation practice to increase self awareness and improve in-game focus.


Performance Feedback Loop

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Individual & Team Indexes

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Expectations vs. Outcomes

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Individual & team performance profiles that track performance history and development with teams across most sports regardless of level or organization.


Game-to-game analysis from athletes, coaches, directors, officials and even fans/supporters that aggregate to show trends and tendencies.


Compare and contrast performance indexes with peer connections. Use your community to share suggestions for improving individuals and teams.


Primary Users

"There is an epidemic failure within the game to understand what is really happening (in Youth, High School & College) [sports] and this leads people who run sports organizations and programs, to misjudge their players and mismanage their teams...”

-Peter Brand in Moneyball



myPerforma provides a hub for continuous athletic preparation and development to track growth regardless of sport, coach, level or team. With a single R.E.P., athletes improve personal accountability, self-awareness and focus (intent).


Using myPerforma, coaches gain post-game feedback from athlete self assessment of a 3-5 minute performance q&a review. Real-time feedback allow precision of thought about performance and frame for messaging about the outcome.


myPerforma gives directors a tool to drive the performance of their sports department and programs by providing coaching indexes for teams. Provide shared ownership of goals with a tool that creates and environment of feedback and collaboration.


Give organizations an opportunity to learn from your perspective and receive feedback to improve awareness and accuracy. With KPIs from officials/referees, teams develop quality performance records to compare game-to-game.


October 2017

myPerforma helps create a better feedback loop for athletes and coaches.

Mychal Martinez / MM Basketball Training Academy


Performance. Perspective. Perception.


Coaches help athletes develop and understand the importance of mindset. myPerforma gives teams a tool to improve performance from gaining perspective and developing mental faculties.

myPerforma Index equips organizations with a tool to study the chemistry of teams and dynamics at “play” down to the individual. Traditional analytic tools only provide engagement surveys post-season - often too late and ineffective.

Athletes (coaches, officials and fans) submit KPIs game-to-game, to develop a performance review index each season. Gain consistent feedback, give more effective training and provide better support for teams & individuals.




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Find perspective inside the world of high performance and learn from elite coaches and high-level competitive athletes.

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“Perspective drives performance every single day of the week. How you view what you do affects how you do what you do.”