Reflective Evaluation Practice

For Performance Reviews WITH Teams & individuals

Gain Perspective. Gauge Perception. Grow Performance.

Athletes use their phones or tablets to rate performance vital signs, reflect on what they do well and what they need to improve. With each game, Coaches or Directors can access and review index insights.


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Multi-Sport Performance Index & Analytics

for Fall, Winter, Spring and SUMMER Sports

How Does It Work

1 Athletes evaluate their performance after each game or competition.


It's simple...athletes complete a routine, reflective evaluation practice (REP) post-game or competition by knocking out a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

  • KPIs are a measurement of performance from vital ratings, strengths, areas to improve and hindsight notes.

  • KPIs are a conversation about performance that allows athletes and coaches to engage in dialogue about how things went and how to improve from it.

  • KPIs create both individual and team performance indexes that help to measure character and provide a useful tool to improve performance.


2 Coaches discover mindset to adjust and address team needs accordingly.

Think about sports today - how do coaches or directors get feedback, gain perspective, gauge perception and grow performance? Is game-to-game reflection and review something done with your teams and individuals?

Perspective drives performance every day of the week - how you view what you do will always affect how you do what you do.
— Inquoris "Inky" Johnson, Speaker and former Tennessee Vols football player.

3 Teams & Organizations connect to character, culture and identity.


The Performa Index helps coaches and directors understand the chemistry of teams, down to the individual. Most analytic tools only provide engagement post-season - after the fact. Now, myPerforma coaches can gain feedback from athletes after each game or competition, which develops a seasonal performance index to provide feedback, training and support for teams & individuals.


You're in good company

Develop your Performa Index for teams at each level, for every team and sport.

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